Just a few reasons that Direct Sales Leaders & Organizations should book Gwen Wolken

While Gwen can train on the standard Book, Sell, Recruit message, her signature talk on Standing Out will bring a different and unique strategy to your audience. She will have her audience wondering why they never heard about this before!
Gwen is not afraid of sharing her own life stories, good, bad and ugly to really connect with the audience and she has many stories to share that will make the audience both laugh and cry.
She not only tells her audience WHAT they need to change and WHY it’s important, she also tells them the best method to achieve that change.
Not only will your audience be inspired, they will walk away with real applicable tips to achieve superior results that can be customized to your company/event/or your mission.
Because Gwen’s background is so diverse and comprehensive, she can cover any aspect of direct sales training from start to finish. Gwen can create a unique program that will fit your needs perfectly!
Gwen Wolken is NOT a stand behind the podium speaker. She loves to be in the audience talking to her clients. She believes that audiences learn more when they can relate, have fun, and be interactive.
Most audiences will walk out of any presentation fired up and ready to get back to business. The key is what they do with that information once they leave the event.
Gwen’s goal is to make the experience one of the best you have ever had. She prides herself on being low maintenance and you will love working with Gwen and her staff.
Gwen will provide an optional monthly Q & A session for your group for the three months following the training. This is to ensure that your group is maximizing and utilizing the tools taught. Questions can be taken ahead of time or on the evening of the Q & A.
Gwen will train via videoconference for teams that are small and is excited to train as your next keynote speaker. Her pricing is reasonable so hurry up and just ask!

Gwen’s Signature Programs Requested:

Stand Out

Launch a movement that differentiates you from everyone else out there!

Book Solid

The 3 secret keys to finding your ideal client in any market.

Client GPS

Know, discover, and map where your ideal customers are and how to close them.

Profit On Purpose

Profit on purpose and be WILDLY successful!

Re-Order Business

How to have a $1,000 re-order business!

Take a Vacation

5 steps to using social media to double your growth!

Brand Yourself

And break OUT of the crowd!

Organization 101 For Direct Sellers

The top 10 ways to stay on top of your growth without sacrificing your family!

Work with Gwen

Gwen has almost three decades of experience as a top-level leader, corporate executive, trainer, and coach. She can support you in creating positive and lasting changes in your business and in the businesses of your consultants.

While in the field, Gwen built and empowered a million dollar organization, while maintaining an incredible personal business which consistently ranked at the company’s top leadership level in recruitment, sales, and promoting team leaders in both personal and team growth.

I am happy to assist you, and your team, in becoming the best versions of yourselves with purpose, a strong sense of intentionality and empowering result-driven growth and fresh inspiration.

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