Resources for your business:

Here are some resource sites that will enhance your business!

Direct Sales Business Planners


My Mentor Biz

My Mentor Biz planners.

Tools for your Direct Sales Business:


Canva. For creating beautiful pictures for social media.


Social media posting tool

Client Angel

The Client Angel. Keep track of clients, transactions, reminders, etc.


Driskotech. Stand out from the crowd and brand your face with your product.


Dropbox. Store your documents and share your documents in the cloud.


Evernote. A cloud file cabinet for all of your business documents.


MarGo. Automate your guest invitation process and see your sales soar.

My Business Presence

Social media for Direct Sellers

My eSig

My eSig. Custom branded interactive email signature


My Newsletter Builder. Design your own newsletter for your business.

My Success Rocket

My Success Rocket. Empowering consultants to start and grow their biz.


My eSig. Design and Create pictures and collages for your social media content.

Post Planner

Content Creation and social media posting

Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar. A shared calendar which shows all the parties of your team.

The Booster

The Booster. Stickers and training for your business and more!


VistaPrint. Create business cards, stationary, banners, and more.